Ginny has a wonderful garden of over 60 acres. In gently undulating ground she has areas of woodland, streams, lakes, shrubbery and flowers. The whole comes together to impress and calm the visitor.

One of my favourite areas is a bank of crocuses that look spectactular in the early spring. Here you can see the abundance of colour on display.  Later in the year the bank will be mown, but in this photo the crocuses are at their pinnacle, exhibiting beautiful mauves, white and yellow.

I visited Ginny on a sunny day in March, the kind of weather that produces a cold wind but when you find a sheltered corner, the sun is really warm. Ginny has such a tucked away spot in a courtyard outside the back door. It was there that we enjoyed a cup of coffee and a chat after a stroll around the grounds.

Most of the trees were still bare, which somehow accented the crocuses and snowdrops scattered around the hillsides. I wonder whether they were originally planted by an enthusiastic gardener or whether they spread themselves from some initial minor planting.  Ginny has done a lot of work herself over the years, but she knows little of the history of the garden, which is a shame.

I’ll probably return to this garden later, but for now I really want to tell you about Rob Jackmann’s wonderful garden in Cornwall

Ginny Welston’s Garden