Margot has the most amazing garden that has evolved over the 80 years she and her family have lived there. Margot was born at the house in Winchester almost 50 years ago, as was her mother, Mary. So it was Margot’s grandparents who started work on the garden back in the 1940s when they moved there during the war and ran the property as a small private hospital to help some of the troops who returned with major injuries.

Mary’s mother was a nurse and she wanted to help injured soldiers so she took in some with the gravest injuries who had received hospital treatment but didn’t really have anywhere to go to after discharge. It was a wonderful setting for recuperation but there weren’t many trees in those days, since some of the mature trees had been used in the first world war efforts.

That’s when a plan was conceived to start planting and it’s a plan that is still being rolled out today by Margot and her family.

Winchester Arborists are our tree surgeons in Winchester and very involved in the project, planting a few specimen trees each year and looking after the beautiful trees that surround the property. They also prune trees and remove anything that is dead or diseased, since it’s imperative to keep healthy stock in the garden.

The plan is well underway of course after so many years but the feeling is that it will never end. It’s reviewed every 5 years and a decision is made on what needs to be done to remove trees that no longer fit and to plant to fill in any gaps. It’s a project that takes a lot of time and dedication and involves a lot of precise tree surgery, but it’s rewarding and the results speak for themselves when you see Margot’s stunning Winchester tree garden.

Margot Delaney’s Winchester Tree Garden